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AMD Athlon XP 2200+ Help


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I built a PC today, Athlon XP 2200+ with 256MB of Crucial PC2700 DDRam on an ASUS A7V333 mobo. Everything is plugged in to the motherboard correctly (I assume, I followed instructions closely).

When I turn it on, it goes into BIOS and asks me what

CPU Speed:
CPU Frequency Multiple
CPU/PCI Frequency (Mhz)

Im pretty sure a 2200 is 1.8Ghz, but when I select that option it goes on to sayin Start Windows normally, Start in Safe Mode, etc...

Im on Windows XP and using a hard drive with XP currently installed with my previous computer's settings. I was wondering if that was the problem...? Or do I just need to set my CPU Speed etc, manually...? If so... what to?

Thanks ALOT in advance.


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Set your cpu speed to whats it says it can work properly at.

If that dosent help, i think since you just installed all those new things, umm wait, did you put in a new mother board ?


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I would try a BIOS update, as when i installed a XP2000 in a friends A7V333 mobo it was autodetected.

make sure the boards set to autodetect.


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yeah, if the harddrive has an old xp installation (different board), then it's strongly recommended that you reformat. you have to realize there are lots of chipset, power management, etc drivers that need to be installed for a new board. something you can rarely do without starting from scratch. and it's just a good habit.


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Yeh I appreciate that... I cant find the XP CD though :mad:

I heard another reason you need to reformat it, because its protection against someone stealing your hard drive.


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Damn this is annoying.

I cant find the booting sequence to CD first!! oh no wait... I CANT EVEN FIND IT!!

Its an ASUS A7V333 BIOS 1015. If anyone has the same version... HOW!!! ARRRrrrGGGHh

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