AMD announces its new six core Opteron processor, codename Istanbul


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I lost the link to front page posting...
AMD has today launched its six-core Opteron processor, codenamed 'Istanbul'.
The processor is aimed at the two, four and eight socket spaces and all the new features and enhancements would be available across the board.
The CPU are connected via AMD's Direct Connect Architecture (DCA) although the company confirmed it would be releasing a new generation of DCA, 2.0, in 2010.
Pat Patla, vice president of AMD’s Server/Workstation Division, said: “With AMD-V (virtualisation suite) and AMD-P (power suite) you will get this technology across the entire processor family.”
“Intel make you call out which you want to implement. Our approach is no compromise.”


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hmm, I wonder how this will fare with the intel. I am hearing rumors that they are coming out with an 8 core in 2010.


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hmm.. server cpu or not, I'm not which is better, AMD or Intel, when it comes to multi-core.

AMD cpus are true multi-core processors, ie. 1 cpu, 2/4 cores.
Intel (as far as I recall) are 1 chip, 2 cpus, 2 cores per cpu. I wouldn't be surprised if their "8-core" cpu is actually 4 cpus on 1 chip with 2 cores each OR 2 cpus with 2 cores on 1 chip with hyperthreading.
the core i7 chips are true multicore and are capable of scaling to 16 physical cores per package. Add hyperthreading to the mix and you have 32 thread processing capability :)


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They both have slightly different interpretations but Intel is still a little better in overall efficiency and power-draw at the high-end.

In the mid/low-range, things become more blurred.

For large scale multi-proc/multi-core configurations, Intel still has a lot more flexibility than AMD.

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