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AMD 2600+ CPU host frequencey

:suprised: hay guys i lately have been putting the CPU host frequencey up and i know it gives more mhz but is it safe to do? and where do u adjust voltage to the CPU?
Any help much appreciated!:) :) :)
ok, for one thing. We'd need to know what motherboard your using. The bios is different on every manufacturors board. And I'm guessing you want to overclock your processor am I correct?

First you need to tell us a few things. Like what kind of processor?
Athlon XP 2600 doesn't help. Is it a Barton core, is it not?
Are you trying to raise the FSB = Front Side Bus from the processors common of 266mhz FSB (If it's not a barton), or 333mhz If it is a barton.

What type of heatsink and fan combination do you have for your processor?

What temperatures are you reading in celcius from the CPU?
It is Phoenix BIOS
Front Side Bus Speed : 166 MHz < that is what it is reading at
and i will try and find if its a "barton dunno how though can u tell by the info given?
o and 42 degrees after like a day of running battlefield 1942!
Ok, so you have a Barton core processor. That's why it's 166mhz.

One other thing you need to tell us is what kind of ram you have and if there's a sticker on there that says PC2700 or PC3200.

If you have PC2700, all you can do is change the multiplier in the bios but not the FSB. If you have PC3200 ram, you can change the multiplier as well as the FSB.
In your bios there might be a section for CPU Frequency or something like that. Check to see what is listed around that. There should be what's called a multiplier could be something like 13x166 = 2.158ghz. Your motherboard looks to be made by Via also. Not the above mentioned motherboard.
Ok, so for overclocking you have DDR400 = PC3200 in both slots. That means you can actually increase your Front side Bus which will make it perform better as well as increase your speed when you do so. Increase your Front Side Bus to 400 FSB and you'll probably notice a good difference.
ok all the info off the voltage/frequencey page in the BIOS
phoenix award BIOS 6.00pg
CPU speed detected 1916
spred spectrum +/-0.50%
CPU host frequency (Mhz) 166
AGP/Pci frequency 66/33

in all that stuff up there what should i change?
and thanks for replying.
Ok, your speed looks like your multiplier is set to 12x166.

Last things I need to know about your setup.
What type of Heatsink and fan do you have on your processor.
And what temperature readings do you have when you are idle also.
42 Celcius isn't bad for an Athlon XP after running BF1942 for a while (It's a game I play a lot).
When you go to change something, you want to change the CPU host frequency (Mhz) 166 to 200mhz. That will increase your speed. BUT you MUST find your multiplier. If you increase your speed to 200mhz and from what it seems your multiplier is set to 12. You'd be at 12x200 and that's 2.4ghz. And you'd probably burn out your processor at that speed. You'd need some better cooling and some Arctic Silver 5
ok everything is stock except i put a cose fan on and that lowers it down a bit it vary from 39 idle to 41 after doin alot it never reali ever goes above 43

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