AM2/AM2+ motherboard


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Any recommendations? It has to be able to last me a good while (My SoYo KT600 Dragon board just died on me, with an Athlon XP 2200+).

I am looking for something that has at least 6 SATA ports on board and at least 1 IDE port (so two drives), or two PCI express lanes so that I can insert more SATA cards.

I don't need an onboard graphics solution, but it would probably be for the best, something simple, I don't care about graphics, it is for a personal server.

So far I have the following:

AMD 64 X2 (one my friend won)
4 GB of memory
2x 750 GB (Seagate Barracuda, 32 MB cache) (ZFS raid) (SATA II)
1x 320 GB (Seagate Barracuda, 32 MB cache) (OS disk) (IDE)

Any thoughts on what board would be a good idea to use? All of those are going to be 3 GB/sec SATA II drives. Looking to eventually run with 6x 750 GB drives for the ZFS raid. I don't need hardware RAID, I don't trust it.


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I like my new MA32AN Asus board. $189 at the egg, and cheaper elsewhere, I found a few for $150ish.

Doesn't support RAID5 though.

4 PCI-e slots and external sata.


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I agree, terra. I laughed when I saw the Parallel and serial ports, though. Who uses them anymore ?
I still use serial ports all the time, especially because I generally prefer to set up machines with a serial console rather than have a keyboard and monitor attached at all times, or even handy. Serial console lets me watch the machine boot up as soon as the boot loader is loaded and from there I can do everything I could do that I could do sitting in front of a keyboard with a monitor.

I am extremely sad to see the serial port leave the computer and instead become yet another device that is emulated over USB.


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So for server standpoints, I can see serial port being. But for desktop ? I can kinda see that also. I never had a need for it, in fact; I never used a serial port before. And you guys are the first that I know of who have for the reasons you mentioned.


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I often need atleast 2 serial ports for business equipment on my boxes.

I have a couple parallel printers around too, although I usually just put them on a parallel print server.

It sure is a pain when you need them and you don't have them...

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