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am off for a bit...


F@H - Is it in you?
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am heading off on spring break... should be gone a few days... in case anyone wonders where I am... if I have computer access I will drop by else see everyone soon-ishly :)
Dang you mean there won't be any Nvidia bashing in the forums for a bit??

Hurry back, so you can tell us how evil Nvidia is again.


have fun

Sazar knows I am teasign him, he does know he's stuff on video cards, (though it can be boring to listen to all the time), and I certianly hope he has fun on spring break.

I could use a break myself, oh look here is the wife with a pot, she is swinging it around ............ bye



F@H - Is it in you?
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okies am back :)

was off in panama city... feckin hard to get there dangit... was pouring like you wouldn't believe friday... driving was a royal pain in the pooper...

but anyhoo.. beach was nice.. we cruised the strip and DANG the daquiris were strong near the pier... WOWSER... like all alcohol with a teeny little amount of flavoring :)

gf got tanned and what not...

am back and shifting through around 24 pages of posts lol...


cheers guys.. hope not much was missed...

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