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Alternatives to landline broadband?

I.e. - What are they?

I’ve just moved to the middle of the country, and have been told, after a month of various BT technicians inspecting the line in our house and the line from the exchange, that the signal is too weak to carry broadband (and can barely carry voice calls), so I’m wondering what other solutions are available.

I've so far looked at the very expensive satellite broadband, and 3G cards, but the satellite solution is going to cost over £1000 to install and £60 a month after that, and claims that p2p sharing, which I use a lot, doesn’t yet run very well, if at all, and there is no 3G reception in my area, so that’s that out the window.

Any advice would be fantastic. If a cheaper satellite solution is available, that would be fantastic, my dad is self-employed if that adds to anything, usually that qualifies him to get things on the cheap. I’m walking into this pretty much blind, so any help or advice would be appreciated.
Power Broadband exists but it has not been rolled out nationwide yet.
The thing I hate about Landline broadband is that you need a landline. Thats a extra £10 a month for it. I never use mine for voice calls Grrr
Do BT think the situation could be improved by having a newer line installed at all??

As the line can carry the voice data BT have no "Quality of Service" to improve your broadband ability over the line, though they could possibly install a new line just for the broadband.

Have you looked into the NTL and BlueYonder cable internet, I think they typically lay fibre lines along the train tracks, so depending on how far you are from a train track, you might be able to get something like that.


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The other thing not mentioned here so far is community Wlan - that will depend on how well you know people nearby and how close they are - then the idea is you can sort of "club together" for something like satallite and with extra wireless equipment/microwave distribute the bandwidth amongst yourselves.

If you feel entrepreneurial then I guess you could set it up and grab the whole bandwidth for now and becoem your own little mini-isp'dom in the country, assuming some folks nearby become interested.
I live in Northern Ireland.
There are no trains nearby.

I was considering renting out the satellite broadband if I could get a few neighbours interested too.
Well, I am in the US and I did have Satellite before they ran fiber optics thru and it was very expensive at the time, and it stunk. Even though Europe gets technology before the States; I am sure they havent done much with satellite broadband considering it isnt a large enough market (at least here it isnt). Good Luck, whatever your outcome is.
Northern Ireland isn’t part of Europe, technology-wise. It lives in a small bubble outside the EU where I can’t pick up broadband, and floppy disks are marveled as being a 'great leap forward in data transfer'.

The planning department at BT is looking into re-routing the signal so it’ll go through higher quality lines, in the vain hope that I might be able to pick it up – they seem, thankfully, pretty determined that it’ll be resorted. I have to call them on Thursday to find out, so I’ll be back then to tell you that they’ve sent me packing and I’m sitting in my room in tears.
Ok - no broadband via the phone line.

I'm about 7 km from the exchange, in the middle of the countryside, and the signal is just hitting the 'too-weak-to-cope' point. I'm curious as to the sat. broadbroad, as i'm sure im not the only person out here having this problem. I wonder if anyone might have any idea how I would go about this?

If i'm missing any other alternatives, please also let me know.


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