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All my threads are gone?

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Electronic Punk said:
An SQL query went balls up and as a result all forum posts were given to one user, this is obviously not good, so I did a restore of the posts table (just 1 table). Sadly this table was from the 18th/19th June so a few posts have been lost.

Users are not affected and the few glitches that are present will disappear as new posts reappear.

Returning users may have lost their posts once more (as the post table was used to resolve them - so if you notice a deep decline in posts send me a quick mail and I will resort it out for you)

Aparet from that everything seems to be running fine once more and I will be doing manual backups of the database evey day until X-istence returns in September.

Gonna go hide now.



gonna close the thread since its fixed.. will move it to FIXED PROBLEMS as well...
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