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All in wonder 9700 pro


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Hi can anyone give me some advise I currently have an over-clocked geforce 3 ti200 (running faster than a ti500 :D) but thinking of upgrading soon. The thing is I am tempted by the all-in-wonder series. Does anyone have one of these (the 9700 pro especially)? If so are they any good ??? I also have a happauge winTV theatre card, does the all-in-wonder card have better quality TV playback than a happauge card, because I have never been impressed at all by the blockyness and tearing of the happauge card (yes have all the latest drivers etc) so could someone offer some friendly helpful advice please ??? I have always used geforce cards before do I go to Ati?


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Depends , ATI is the currenly leader in this chapter but it's drivers are still premature ..
ATI ALL IN WONDER 9700 PRO should be a good ideea indeed .. but instead u I would choose the Ti4800 AGP8X from these brands :
1. Asus
2. Leadtek
the AIW 9700pro works fine and is amazing with video capture. the gaming performance is equal the the 9700pro. as for the drivers, i think they are fine, and ATI keeps improving their product.


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it is a good product... has picture in picture and since it is integrated (monitor ourput as well as tv-tuner) you have added functionality without compromising compatability...

also... this product is amongst the fastest on the market... faster than the product cosmin mentioned :)

only drawback IMO and why I don;t have it... I use 2 monitors and this product supports only 1 monitor (due to the extra I/O ports for tv-tuner functions)

overall though it is an excellent product... but pricey :(

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