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All Birthday Threads I’ve missed.

bush dogg

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I don’t want to bump a whole mess of old Birthday threads (trying to keep post count down you know) so I’m doing it this way.

Hope everyone that still has Birthdays (that I’ve missed) had a nice/safe time. :crosseyed:
Thanx man :) ( I had mine this February 16...35 years old..damn thats old man. Oh, but I still managed to get a wife, a perfect little 2 year old daughter, and another one on the way :D )


F@H - Is it in you?
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I'll chime in here too :)

I've been AWOL for a while and wanted to say happy b'day to all the peeps out there who gained an extra year of experience (officially) in the journey they call life :cool:


I'm Beginning Somehow...
I guess I'll post one in here too seeing as someone started this.. :p

I haven't been up on all the threads either to all the folks out there who added an extra year to their life.. Hehehe... So if I missed anyone I apologize... Have a good belated or Birthday anyway.. :) Cheers!!

Good idea bush dogg..

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