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Aion: Tower of Eternity


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I just pre-ordered this game off Steam, and got into the beta. I am not sure why I did that because normally I play MMO's for a couple levels and then never touch it again. But so far this one seems awesome.

I really wanted to post to talk about one aspect of the game, but might as well create the full topic for other people to chat as well. The one thing I have noticed about this game that I love is how it helps with quests.

Basically I have always sucked at finding my ways in MMOs, this game gives the option to Locate a person or thing, but not the exact location (but its the same idea). But you don't have too. Also on harder quests it seems to not always help, it depends on where you have to go. If the location is suppose to be hidden, it won't tell you. So It does not take away from actually needing skills to play the game. I find it a very good mix of helping and figuring out on your own.

Anyone else play this game? I will post more later one, really enjoying it. And please, no WOW killer? questions and comments, I don't care one way or another.


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DRM in this game is suppose to be system crippling. I would suggest everyone passing on this one, shame since it does look like a great game they just don't want us to play. :(

edit: wiki about GameGuard


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I haven't noticed any issues.

And why would you pass on a good game because of stupid DRM.
To teach companies that the customer is not the enemy. :) Also to save the stability of your system. You might as well add your system to a botnet, you won't "notice any isssues". :)


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Yea I understand sticking to the man, teaching the companies that we aren't the problem, but you can't really do anything about it. And Gameguard isn't DRM, and there are no issues with it at all anymore.

Now, anyone else playing this game, or interested in playing it? lol I guess not anymore


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Just hit level 10. I wish companies would carry over your beta characters to the full final game. Why don't they do that lol

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Why would they make it easier to get to the point where you have nothing to do?
You will be paying by the month afterall ;p

Anyway, I think it was this thread - you tagged it as a review. Oversight by me as I have been working on many many different sections, this is not something I am allowing non-team to tag (although I think all current tags are team only anyway) and generally, as far as reviews go, not something I really want doing without me checking it over.

If you do want to post up your experiences of the beta, that would be awesome and I would definately help you do that. VE3D have published some of our stuff before so I would have no issues sending it over there if it was a good read.

Not actually read much on this game as I basically just couldn't start one again from scratch, but I would be interested in having a read if you are up for it.


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Yea it was not really a review, more just simple comments. But noticed I could choice Review was like Ohhh thats cool. lol

And they would allow carrying the character over because I am awesome.

Nah, not really up for writing a review, never been that good. And if I do I might just post it in my blog here. But it would be awhile anyways. Still ton's more to do within the game. And actually, the only thing I have not figured out yet, is how to chat lol


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It's funny, I paid to get this game. And probably will end up not playing it after the free month. Cause that is what I always do.

But I don't know why new MMO's are so intriguing to me, I have a lifetime membership to LOTRO, which is a beautiful and well designed (and an awesome world that I am a fan of) but I hardly touch it. Life is weird lol


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The second round beta is done today. So won't be able to play it more until the 17th. So I will be spending my time trying the Champions Online beta. I have never played any of the superhero MMo's before, so this will be interesting.


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Must be dreaming...
I was excited about Aion. I played the Chinese version and also got into the early European beta and play throughout until the open beta. Pretty game and all but I felt it didn't add anything new to the table besides early level (though very restricted and slow) flight and aerial combat. I got over it very quickly, but that may just be me. I'll wait a while and see how it grows.

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