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Aim talk vs Linksys router

Im not sure if this belongs here but I have been trying to figure out how to get these 2 things to work nice. The people i speak to are useing black ice I on the other hand have a router. when i try to connect to there computer with talk it says that both partys are behind a fire wall. I have to phsically diconnect from the router to use this program. I tried to open some of the ports on the router that a few told me about but no good. has anyone else had this problem or can anybody give some guess on how to set it up.


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On the router yuo would have to forward the ports used for AIM Phone to the PC you are talking from, and the other user would have to open those ports on his software firewall.

I have tried that but i am able to connect to them if my router is diconnected. so I would think it is something on my end dealing with the router. I even downloaded a prog from this site that monitors ports and what progs use them. I was hope full to do a talk session and then see what ports it opened and then add them to my router. but that didnt seem to work, for every time I did it, it opened different ports.

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