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AGP Graphics card for about £50

Whats a good AGP graphics card for about £50, I gont realy use my pc for gaming so I dont need a super duper card, I do watch films etc on it sometimes.

I currently have an Radeon 3d prophet 9000 pro which is only x4 agp..current mobo is a MSI K8N neo 2, as this is a nvidea board is it best to get a nvidea graphics card or doesnt it matter?
Go to the crucial website as they have a good selection to suit your mobo etc .They are a lot cheaper and usually next day delivery for free , :) i'm using a ati radeon and i paid about £32 for it.hope this helps you.


- geek -
If the card you got now works and you don't game save your $. Upgrading just to watch movies is going to do nothing (unless your trying to run HD Quicktime trailers or something).

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