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I have a videocard SILURO T400 (Chipset GeForce2 MX400) that is said to support AGP 2x/4x.

On the other hand I have a new motherboard, a Soyo SY-K7VME. This motherboard supports AGP 4X VGA Cards and it says it supports only 1.5 volts AGP cards (using 3.3v AGP card might damage the motherboard).

The manual of the video card does not specify the voltage. If the card supports AGP 2x/4x does it automatically run at 1.5 volts or are there also AGP 2x/4x cards running at 3.3v? I don't want to damage the motherboard trying this out. Any hints?

Does anyone know the voltage specs for this video card?


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i found this

Your video card supports both 3.3 and 1.5 voltages. On the other hand, your motherboard, obviously, has a universal AGP slot, which is 4X/8X. Most universal AGP slots are backward compatible. Meaning, they can accept earlier versions of the AGP Standard:

AGP version 1.0...........1X, 2X ( running at 3.3v)
AGP version 2.0...........4X (1.5v)
AGP version 3.0...........8X (.8 or 1.5v)

In your case, the Universal AGP slot on your motherboard is only keyed to accept 1.5volt-AGP video cards. In other words, your motherboard's BIOS AGP setting can only max out from .8 volts to 1.5 volts. It can only accept AGP 4X or 8X not 1X and 2X cards. Hence it has limited downward compatibility. Verify the voltage settings of your AGP slot in your CMOS program (aka BIOS). Check if the AGP voltage is factory set at 1.5. If you see a 1.48 or 1.6, and you can't change it, it's good as 1.5.

So plug in that card and you will be fine. Your card will detect the 1.5 v current coming out from the universal AGP slot and auto-switches to the 4X mode. If it detects voltage higher than 1.5, most probably 3.3), then it auto-switches to 2X. As far as I know, there are no 4X cards running at 3.3 volts (please refer again to above table). ;-)

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