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Age Of Mythology: Map Editor

Recently made a map in AOM editor thinking it was goign to be all fun and whatnot when I had my friends truck their puters over to play LAN games all day/night...

BUT the map I made wont show up on the multiplayer map selection screen...

Just wondering if anyone knows what the scenario settings have to be, or what special stuff I have to do to get the map to show up...any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

EDIT: turns out I can pick it up in a different menu, but I (like the genius that I am...boy this must seem dimwitted) can't get the custom scenario to have a revealed map... any sort of trigger doesnt want to work, and there is no option under Player Options (visibility: hidden/normal) etc etc... as you can tell im pretty inexperienced with it, so any help would be....helpful

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