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After Win XP Upgrade - No Keyboard - Help!



My friend just upgraded from Win 98 to XP. Now his keyboard won't work. When a key is pressed the computer locks up and has to be rebooted.

It does not show a keyboard in the device manager anywhere.
It will also will not let you install one using the add hardware wizard.

Does anyone have a idea how to fix this, short of wipeing the HD clean and reinstalling XP?
I'm guessing it's a USB keyboard. They typically come with a dual connector... tell him to unplug the usb plug and use it as a ps/2 device.
I'm not sure what it could be then. That was my best guess. format and do it new i guess... awful hard to troubleshoot when you can't even use the keyboard. He might try plugging a different one in if he has it available.


you are brave doing an upgrade from 98..

why not try a differnet ps2 keyboard...

also check for any legacy devices still installed after 98.
you can do this without any keyboard input..

else just wipe it.
I think i know the solution. I had a problem like that. i tried different things. Like unplug my mouse. And did the same thing to my keyboard, It worked with only one thing plugged in. If i stop the sound, remove sound driver. it worked with both things in. Then i did fresh install, nothing.... So i thought i would mess around with the bios, I changed my sound card irq settings, then tried it and it worked!:D . hope this helps. try messing around wit it.


The problem may lie in the fact that your friend has 'upgraded' from Win 98 to Win XP.

I advise a full clean install to ensure XP runs at its best.
intel tried to get rid of the stupid ps/2 ports alittle ago but had to put them back for 'legacy' people that just didnt want to go buy a nice new usb one, all i use is usb k&m, my intel boards disable the ps/2 ports when i do the hid driver is so nice, you can plug in 1 or 100 k&m and thay all work fine at once, you can yank them at will with it running (on my servers i remove them all together) the hid driver keeps the os happy
I don't see the point to taking up a USB port with a keyboard... if you only have two then you have to buy a hub or your mouse and keyboard take up both ports. (I have 4: 2 on front, 2 on back)
because the usb driver is more stable, hubs are cheep your not wasting usb ports, your keeping from loading crappy drivers you don't need. this is why intel had to put them back because people are used to what is, not what is better

you can plug in 128 devices in usb, those aren't the only ports you have all intel boards have 4 on back 2 front now

a little hub and a usb cable you can extend everything all at once so much easier

but hey i guess i better not let the secret out

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