After 'System Shock 2'...

I wonder if anyone here got a chance to play the awesome game, System Shock 2. Along with games like Undying and Silent Hill, SS2 is one of those rare games that scares me enough to force me to quit the game at certain times. Simply put, I love it.

I always thought that the only fault in SS2, if I was forced to find one, was its unimpressive graphics, even for its time. A game that manages to be scary even without convincing graphics would probably be horrifying when made using recent graphic engines such as Doom 3 or Half-life 2.

A day before yesterday, I thought that would actually happen. Gamespot revealed an article on the successor (but not a sequel) to SS2. They are calling it 'Bioshock'. This gets me pretty excited, but the game is being made using the 'Tribes: Vengeance' engine. That is a modified engine of the two year old Unreal 2 engine. I really don't understand why the producers of the SS series are so fond of outdated graphics. Are they THAT confident they can make games just as scary without using state-of-the-art technology?
I'd hope so. At least the Unreal engine allows complex shadows and lighting. Unfortunately, levels are relatively tiny. Load times take a lot away from the experience. Although I loved Thief 3 (another game that can scare you into leaving it for a while!), the loading between maps really turned me off sometimes.

Bioshock will definitely be good. I'm of the school that says graphics are overrated.
Yeah, graphics are pretty overrated. But I don't think it would hurt to use better graphics if they are available. I wonder why they stuck with a 2 year old engine... Hrmm...


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Every unreal game has used the same engine, every time they go to make a new game the overhaul the engine unreal 3, same engine as 2 and 1. Its also the same engine as the UT series.

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