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adwatch or spybot tea timer

Perris Calderon

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these are little sandboxes that provide real time protection against adware

tea timer is free from spybot, seems to do a good job

adwatch is in the paid version of adaware

I have a paid license for adaware, but I think I like the spybot version a little better

does anyone have a preferance between these two. (besides the free part)
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tea timer is useless from my experiance. It's never once stopped spyware getting into a computer. Runnnig spybot after a week on my sisters pc was testament to that.

Your're best bet for realtime spyware monotoring is MS AntiSpyware. I bought it when it was still Giant becuase it did a superior job of caching stuff in realtime. In conjuction with adaware and spybots on-demand scanning you'll be pretty safe.

Also consider NOD32/Kaspersky AV set to watch for "potentially harmfull applications" on top.


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If you download spywareblaster it will keep 99% of bad cookies out, so you wont really need to worry about that part. Next time I am going to format my computer I will download a bunch of spyware with the spybot protection running, that way we can know for sure :)

Perris Calderon

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when I used to run adwatch, I never got positive from results on a scan, now that I've been running spybot tea timer, I also get no positive results

comparing both, tea timer uses less memory...this is always running, so that memory useage is actuall

I think I'm gonna stay with tea timer, but if someone thinks adwatch is better, let me know

thanx for the input guys

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