I've been debating about starting a technology consulting company for some time now. I've chosen a name but I've had creative block for the website. Color scheme, layout, everything. I can only do html since I'm not the best at anything else. But as far as graphics are concerned, I've pretty much got that covered. Except for the designers block at the moment. I'm looking for some ideas. Something that is welcoming to customers, but also simple.

The pages that will probably be put in will be:
Home, Contact, Services, FAQs/Advice, Desktops, Forums, and About Us.

I don't want something that's to techy. Any ideas. I'm mostly just looking for some ideas to help get some of my creativity flowing again.


Try looking at other websites that are geared toward what you want. Look for those that are professionally made because when the designers create those pages, they are also considering visitors behavior, how the eye reads a page and where important information must reside.

If all you need is to get jump start your creativity, This is what I would do. Try looking at other websites that are geared toward what you want. Look for those that are professionally made. Create a folder and bookmark sites that you like. Once you feel you have enough, go back and look at each one of them and see what it is you like about each one of them. Here are a few sites you can use to find great web designs.

I would also recommend that you learn CSS. I taught myself CSS a couple years ago by just following tutorial. It is very basic and will give you a simple understanding. You can alway ask questions if you ever get stuck somewhere after you go through the tutorial. I think CSS is one of the easiest to learn, at least give it a shot. If you know HTML already, CSS should be easy for you too.
Hmm that geekit design is a recipe for disaster :)

Crawl over design and css tags and you can get some really nice hints and ideas. Try not to go all Web2.0 though, as I'm pretty certain that all wants time to mature, grow, or fade into the limelight.

There's also open source web design (oswd.somthing) to take ideas from - be warned, there are only 10-15 worth using or taking inspiration from out of 170+, and you have to start at the last page and work backwards :)
Thats not too great either, the logo gets and holds my attention for too long :)

Seriously. There are lots of sites on under the tags CSS and DESIGN that will help you create a much better, much more effective website.

Both of the ones you've showcased here will not do anything for the business.

For starters you want lots of WHITE space and no uber tiny pixel fonts at 2px font size.

Have a look at the more successful web 2.0 sites and look at their fonts, font sizes and spacing, and the background colour.

You'll see what I'm getting at :)
CSS isnt really an option at the moment. I dont have the time to learn css to create a website. So I will stick with html for now. Any other ideas as far as layout?

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