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Advertising pays


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I just recently read a very cool web blog post which explains how advertising pays for websites, and that no lunch is free, and how those of you that are blocking advertising are suggesting that it is okay if you block them, and that others will pay for the website to continue running itself.

Well thought out argument, read the whole thing before you start bitching me out :p

Stackoverflow, Advertising and the Ethics of a Free Lunch ~ C for Coding


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Well written and thought out article, but very biased and comes across quite arrogant. However I'll still continue to use Adblock until it's ripped from my cold dead hands.


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Even if one didn't use ad blocking software (which is preferable); one should still take a look at

privacychoice - opt-out of online targeting

and the Firefox plugin


Unfortunately getting it to sucessfully install on Seamonkey isn't proving quite so easy, but that's where the first link can go... The download link essentially is dead or doing nothing in it. But anyhow, not only are these advertisers spitting every annoying form of ad possible (the in your face approach), but using super cookies and the like to track people and create profiling without the user's knowledge is borderline unethical.

Look at the hoopla that came out in the past when some people found that software was installed on their computer without their knowledge. Well this isn't exactly the same, but what they do is not far from it. It would be akin to leaving a tracking device on people (ya know? on 20/20 some years ago one advertizer suggested how great it would be if they could radio tag people like we do with animals and follow their day to day activities for purposes of "targeting ads") and then recording their activity in every store they go to (making them unwilling and unknowing participants in marketing research), for purposes of (this is where the advertizer suggested the use of behavioral psychologists to pour over the data, and device means to "more effectively target products to their own psyche), which in less word smithed terms, sounds well...

After saying this, and telling the news crew "you do the same thing; you interrupt the commercials people are watching with your program" :laugh: he went on to sing the virtues of putting a TV on every street corner, to blare the contents of targeted ads into people's eyes/ears at every possible public moment people may have, all targeted as marketing psychologists would use their own knowledge in the human psyche to suggest most "effective" ways of influencing their spending choices, and altering people's mind set wrt looking at their products. This advertiser was over-joyed at the prospects of creating such a "brave new world", and yet bemoaning people's inclination to bring up topics such as ethics, dislike to implanting tracking devices and the like (obviously was his idea of a great possible future, certainly not mine), or question whether psychology and the like should be used this way, as a detriment to his idea of "progress".

Ya know? Given they use such means; knowing about such methods of "opting out" of this otherwise involuntary marketing research, is a must if peeps don't want to be the unwilling participant in this.
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Hey thanks guys for the idea. I'm going to go install adblock right away.

Right after I click on afew OSNN ad links to keep revenue up.

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