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ADSL without the phoneline [POLL]

What do you preffer?

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Anyone heard of a ISP that dont require me to pay those con merchants BT £10.50 for a phoneline I NEVER use?
The Guardian ran a piece saying they were coming out with it this month.
I hate BT for this crap where I MUST have a phoneline and pay BT to get broadband. It makes VoIP pointless since it costs the same localrate anyway.


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BT Need a slap, they should at least offer reduced cost data lines, but that'll never happen (They like money too much :p) so I'm waiting for WiFi net to spread itself across the UK :D


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Don't know why you're complaining ADSL in england is cheaper than in the states, PLUS we still have to pay $35 bucks a fecking month for the phone line, plus the ADSL costs, english people have no idea how good they've got it, by the way i'm english and now living in the states, my cable modem used to cost me $50 per month my DSL now costs me $30 for the DSL and $35 for the line, now even if you use the arguement of exchange rates i'm still paying more, and moreoever as i'm living and earning dollars in the states where my dollars pay for the same in the USA as a pound pays for in england, its doubly sucks ass.


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yeah i see your point, there should be a service where the phone line was included in the cost of the ADSL service.


I may actually be insane.
If you weigh up the speed of your cable, the conversion rates, blah blah blah, believe me, it is cheaper in the states. I've never talked to anyone before who's had a more expensive connection in another country.

As for the line-less broadband, we need something like this: http://www.countybroadband.co.uk/index.html; but on a much wider scale.


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Since they're thinking of providing BB over an electrical cable, I'm beginning to wonder what the costs are like for end users. We'd need to upgrade almost all of our computer components I suspect.

BTW ZeroHour, I'm assuming you're subscribed to BT's LiteUser package. Just wondering what the Terms & Conditions are on that. What's the limit on calls you can make per month and stuff?


I may actually be insane.
Can't imagine the cost extending past that of a plug/modem type device which simply sits in a plug socket, with an ethernet cable (or USB if BT have anything to do with it :p) leading off.

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