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I just sent this email to Zen Support. Just wondering if any of you have had a similar problem. Is this the right forum to post in.


I'm having a lot of problems with your ADSL Home 500 Service.

I have tried many things to try and find out what the problem is but I
will explain what I have done so far.

I first reinstalled Windows XP Pro because I figured I was messing
around to much with the settings.

The modem I have got is called a Fujitsu FDX310 modem. Though it tends
to lose 'sync' with the ADSL service at my local exchange every so

I thought I had fixed it last night by trying the line optimization
tool and now it finds the ADSL service on every reboot. I also managed to stay
connected for about 6 hours yesterday downloading 500MB files. Though
now it is just losing the connection after a minute or so (on a
reboot), as well as being on-line for about another 3 hours on Thursday night.

I'm sure it's not a modem issue because I stayed connected for at
least 6 hours yesterday night. I have also tested it downstairs with a
the same problem (main phone point in the house). I was wondering if
you could send out an engineer to test the local exchange or at least
do something as I cant seem to maintain the ADSL service.

I have also found out the hidden extras in the Fujitsu FDX310 control
panel so if you want me to change any settings it should be easy. Also
0,38 is dialed out to (required by the modem manual). T1.413 is
currently set as that's what multi mode detected.

I do get noise on other phones in the house because I haven't yet
bought micro filters for every point in the house (though I did get
one with the modem), I'm just using my old dial up cable which goes
into the phone socket without any adapters.

So any ideas on what I should try or is it a line fault?

Best regards,


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Is it happening when you make or recieve a call? My router was loosing sync when our phone was in use. I sorted it out by putting a filter at the main phone socket and from that running the lead straight to my modem router


you dont have adsl filter. ???? thats all it is. Well I managed to get on to broadband without the filter, just straight into the phone socket on this cable. I have also managed to get on to broadband with the MF. Is it happening when you make or recieve a call? Yes, I need a MF either on the master socket or one on every line but I don't have them yet, it happend when the modem trys to sync with the adsl service upon bootup and all the time, it is trying to contact the service but it's no go.


Hi, me and Dad just installed the MF downstairs on the main point. Rebooted the pc (modem upstairs on the pc is on the extension) and it's still no go. Though there is no interfeerance on the line now :).


Eh, well it's working again now. Only seems to work at 1am. And I have take the filter of, no filters on the line, noise blasting all over the place lol. Well Ill see if it works later, the modulation has moved over from T1 to G.DMT wtf is going on. Maybe Zen are doing somthing. I spend all day on dialup and it only works at 1am, dang that is so annoying.


Sorting it all out now.

Hi I found out what the problem was. It's Dad's hardware messing up the phone line, Fax/Dialup modem. As soon as his dialup modem disconnects the broadband ADSL service can kick in just fine.

I will speak to Dad to get some ADSL micro filters ASAP. We will also put them on the business to get the VAT back :). At least I have figured out what the problem is.

And it's defiantly not on the broadband modem, which is working just fine.

Zen also sent me an email back regarding that I must have a Micro filter on every phone extension there is.

We can't really put one on the master BT socket because it's not really a socket. We will just put a Micro filter on every point for now.

Other than that I am happy with Zen's download speed and it has a great ping, I'm so glad I haven't gone with BT or Freeserve and the likes. Their ping would have been hurriedness


Whats a good place in England/Leciester to buy ADSL microfilters. I would prefer to buy BT approved ones if possible.


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This thread has amazed me.

In the USA the phone company puts the splitter (hi/lo filter) where the line enters the home and runs a seperate Cat 3 or better wire from the point of entry to the DSL Modem. No need for filters at each connection to the phone lines then. 50 feet of wire is a lot cheaper than a box full of filters.
Originally posted by LeeJend
This thread has amazed me.

In the USA the phone company puts the splitter (hi/lo filter) where the line enters the home and runs a seperate Cat 3 or better wire from the point of entry to the DSL Modem. No need for filters at each connection to the phone lines then. 50 feet of wire is a lot cheaper than a box full of filters.
Same way in Canada (British Columbia)... but there is more to it. If you get the splitter installed where the line enters the house, then you have to pay extra for the labour and you have to rent the modem. You can also buy a self install kit that includes 4 micro filters (I think) and everything else you need to connect. Then you don't have to rent the modem... in the long run it's cheaper that way cause your not renting the modem every month... and you can have your modem wherever there is a phone jack and if you want to relocate your comp somewhere else, you wouldn't have pay to have someone come in and wire in another connection.


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LeeJend, no DSL provider has ever done that for free for me, I've had three different DSL services now. As far as the wiring guide I posted above, if you are in canada beware, the voltage is much higher on the phonelines up north.
Ya, I read that in the guide... interesting stuff. I use Telus for DSL (Well, I will use it in a few weeks as I'm moving. My phone lines at my current place are only good enough to connect at 28.8 kpbs on a 56k modem) But ya, they have both option up here. They serve BC, Alberta, Ontario and one other province I believe. I like having the option because I'd rather do it myself than have someone come in and install everything.

So the voltages your talking about... Is that coming through the actual phone lines? cuz those wires are pretty small to be caring that much voltage.
Nm... I've checked the voltage of my phone line at my current location and it's 48V so my new place should have the same I'd think as it's still the same town.


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48V tingles, 240V would cause some damage, but it really depends on how well you are grounded, since the current is dependent on the resistance of the path through your body.

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