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ADSL cutting out......



I have the following setup. Comp1 XP pro, comp2 XP home connected to a linksys router (each system have 1 nic card) then to my adsl modem. Comp1 is on automatic ip detect and comp2 will only work when I use the manual ip setting for my local network. So my default gateway on LAN is set to my comp1 is on and comp2 is both systems do see eachother on the network. The problem I'm having is that very often I'm unable to access my WAN (internet) even though according to the router I'm connected to ADSL and when checking the router it shows i'm connected (using the from brouser to check the admin settings on router). This can last for hours (even after multiple modem and router resets to verify they not causing the problem) then out of blue everything is working again. I have called the earthlink support and on their end it shown I'm connected but since I'm on hold for 1 hour on average by the time they get to me the problem usually resolves itself. I have even disabled my IceDefender firewall and pluged modem directly to comp 1 and used my PPPOE dialup and was getting a wierd "unable to open port" error message or "unable to find host machine". Is there any way I can pinpoint if its my hardware thats causing this headache or is it on their end meaning earthlink or phone company? Again this is very strange because it works then i lose connection then it starts working again without me doing anything.
Have you tried the ipconfig /release, ipconfig /renew cycle when the net cuts out? Strange that DHCP won't work on one computer. Maybe the DHCP scope is set too small in the router (only one IP)?



DHCP enabled on the router and assigned to 2 machines since only 2 systems on the router and the DHCP client is running on each system (checked the services if enabled and active in xp admin area).

The ipconfig/release and ipconfig/renew i use in the command window? I'm unfamiliar with that procedure. Also by DHCP scoupe you mean how many machines I have told the router that are on the network? I have set the DHCP to 4 for ip to 4 in the router setup.

Again thanks for any help :)


Drop the dhcp and set the IP in manually. Set default gateway, find out from ur ISP's their DNS setting and put them in as well.

When u are having a problem try the "tracert" command from the dos screen. start>run "cmd" from the run menu. Then type in "tracert -d" (www.xtra.co.nz Primary DNS) Drop the "". I work with adsl and I have found that sometimes that the problem can be with the ISP. If u get to a outside address and it stops this means the problem is into the WAN normally around the 4th or 5th hop it happens. Copy and paste results and send off to the ISP. With my expereince they donot say there is a problem and then a day down the track the problem is gone.

Tracert can be a pain but try this program below its good and u can save the results.

Download Pingplotter

Also even though it has connected in the modem ( DSL or LINK up)check to make sure u have obtained a IP address from ur ISP. No IP address and this would point back to a login (account) problem to the ISP. PPP Status should show connected, sorry we dont have that modem in NZL yet so I can not tell u where to look.

Good luck

ADSL Installer/Faultman From NZL

P.S Have amended tracert. Should be run from DOS window or command screen. Win 9* run command from the Sart>run enter "Command" or "cmd" for XP, Win 2000 & NT

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