Adobe Using Macromedia Products?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by prinsipe, May 29, 2003.

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    I recently visited the Adobe site ( and clicked on the "products" from the menu and it seems that it was made from macromedia flash, isnt it that these two (macromedia & adobe) are rival companies?
  2. kind of - the flash standard has been opened so other companies can make programs to use the player plug in. so other programs like swish, plasma, and such can save to that format .swf - adobe too has one.
    just like other companies can write something that uses the 'java' ,'realplayer' or 'pdf' plugin/player thats what they are doing , just using the flash player in the browser:D
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    Hi Spikemic, I jus got the licensed Macromedia MX suite of stuff(always had the demos before,though I never used em).Been usin an learnin PS7.I'm sure there are a million of em out there,but do you know of a good tutorial for noob's for the MacmedMX suite? :)
  4. Macromedia is the best source for their own stuff. there is tutorials on the disk, under each help menu and all over their site.
    there is also alot of books to be had on them. Macromedia's own "training from the source" books are good to start.
    peachpit press also make some visual quickpro guides that are not expensive and teach basic good stuff without alot of fluff or dragging text........

    its good stuff and once you get drift not that hard to learn:D
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    Thanks spikemic, I'll take a closer look. :)
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    Another question spikemic, for doin sigs,avs an banners which is better an which is easier...dreamweaver or fireworks?Or is there somethin else I'm missin? :p
  7. dreamweaver is for doing web pages/ fireworks is for doing the pics on a page (gif/jpg) i use fireworks for all my banners
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    Thanks spikemic! What about the animations?

    Your preferences? :)
  9. you can make animations on pages (java and such) in fireworks, freehand etc. haven't gotten in to any of that.

    flash - for the fancy stuff ...flash........ simpler stuff theres swish - text and banners....... 3d - plasma (seen bun not really used)

    gif's - gif movie gear or for really simple ones, Microsoft makes one that very simple.;)
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    I noticed the layout of MacMedMX is quite similiar to PS7.Good info spikmic,thanks!

    Nice links Geffy,thanks! :)