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Adobe Photoshop Animation


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I have always used Photoshop for making crazy images and such. When ever I wanted to make it animated, I went on over to another program. I don't have that program anymore. I was wondering how you do it in Adobe Photoshop. Is there a tutorial I can get my hands onto, or something?



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Yes, I know I can search on good old Google. I only posted this, cause I thought somebody would know one of the best websites or tutorial out there.


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Jewelzz said:
Image Ready, an animation program, usually comes packaged with PS. Why not use that?
Seconded. I didn't think animation was even possible in PS? (note: I don't use PS that much and could be completely wrong. yay.)


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Yea, for some reason I don't have ImageReady with Photoshop, and thats kinda what I meant. Like most people create photos in Photoshop, then press the button and switch to Image Ready, I don't know how to use that program.

Sry for not making myself clear.

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