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Adobe Acrobat 7 window opens all the time...


Can you handle this?
I recently installed Acrobat Reader 7 (an upgrade recommendation by Adobe) and now everytime I reboot, The install folder opens up. I'm not sure how to get it not to... but it's really irritating. I'm working with a brand new copy of WinXP Pro and I have no viruses or spyware.

Please advise... thanks!
Go to add/remove programs and remove all versions of adobe reader. Reboot.

Then go to the adobe web site and donwload and install a fresh copy of the latest adobe reader. Or just wait until you hit something you need it to view and you will be rpompted to install a copy.

If it happens again look for an older copy. There is a copy of adobe on just about every software package you buy since PDF is the defacto standard for documentation distribution.


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I think Madmatt might be on the right track, in that something may not have gone kosher with the installation. Out of curiosity, can you post a screenshot or list any items that are listed within the startup tab of MSCONFIG?

If it's starting with your PC, something has to be calling the folder. Click Start, go to Run, type MSCONFIG. The startup tab is all the way to the right.


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Looks as if you have quite a mess there, with Program Files on both C and D drives.

I don't believe the Gamma Loader or the Update Manager would cause that to occur, but feel free to uncheck both and reboot. Neither are really needed, as long as you remember to check for updates now and again.

See if the problem goes away.


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Update Manager was installed with older versions of Adobe Reader. I don't recall it being installed with older versions of Adobe Photoshop.

However, Adobe no longer updates the software or supports it. You should uninstall it.

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