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Admin privilages question



I think this is the right area to ask this question.

Our 6th form has a kind of communal machine with XP on it, and I'm one of the 3 people with and admin account.
Now, everyone else has a user account which means they can't alter a lot of things which is fine.
However, things like the monitor/hd powerdown times are blocked - this isn't a problem except that when a new account is created they are not in the settings I would like them to be in.

At the moment, the only way I can find of sorting it out is to elevate the account to admin status, log out of my account, log in to the new one, change the settings, log back out, log back into my account, and set it back to a user account.

There *MUST* be a way to change things like that on user accounts from an admin account - can anyone tell me what it is?


I don't know exactly what policy setting you need to change, but I do know that if fast user switching is enabled, you can just hit WINKEY+L to log in as multiple users, if it makes things easier for you :)


Its not - its not the fastest of machines so all the fluffy XP stuff has been turned off - this includes the "Welcome" screen (and therefore FUS abilities)



Here is what you need to do.

1. Create a new accout (we'll call it Test) and give this account Admin abilities.

2. Make all the changes you want all your users to have in this account.

3. Switch to c:\Documents and Settings

4. Click on the Tools Menu, click on Folder Options, click view. Make sure that Show Hidden Files and Folders is checked.

5. Double click on Test directory. Highlight everything and copy.

6. Go back to c:\Documents and Settings. This time, doubleclick on "Default User"

7. Paste everything you copied into this directory. Overwrite when you get prompted.

8. Logout of the test account and back to your admin account. Remove the test user files.

That's it. Now, every user that logs into that box (or every user you create) will have all the settings you want it to have.

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