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Admin logon problem

Ok, I searched the site for this, found alot of info, but not exactly what I need...
I remember that when I wanted to log on as Admin, I had to hold a key during boot up, and I would get that page with my user account and on top of that.. an account named Admin, and when I selected that icon.. I had to enter my windows password..anyways I can't get it back

when I log-off and press CTRL-ALT - DEL twice, I get a page, but only with one user account. I checked into my CRTL PAN, and saw that I only have 2 user account, My main one which is labelled as computer administrator, and another account called, guest which is disabled...
But the one that labels admin, is the one that my computer boots up with everyday.. How do I access the REAL one?? thx
ok this is weird... when I go to "control userpasswords2"

I have 2 users... one called Administrator and the other HellyHans
When I go to control panel.. it only gives me HellyHans and guest ( which is deactivated)

When I reboot and press CTRL-ALT-DEL it only gives me HellyHans

What the?


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If you have "Power Toys for XP" then you can open "Tweak UI". Click on "Logon" in the left column of the window that opens up and tick the box that says, "Show 'Administrator' on Welcome screen".

(see attachment below)
Yeah ok, but that screen is going to come up every time I boot up?? that's sort of lame... isnt there a fuction so I can do it when I want to?
i forget the exact key i can look it up but if you hit an f key or something twice on boot the admin name shows up on login screen..... otherwise it hides it so you done have to look at it and others dont know its there..........
i was thinking of something else here it is ctrl+alt+del twice..................heres the quote from the book......

"By default, Windows XP Professional uses the Welcome screen to allow users to log on locally. To log on, click the icon for the user account you want to use. If the account requires a password, you are prompted to enter it. If the account is not password protected, you are logged on to the computer.You can also use Ctrl+Alt+Delete at the Welcome screen to get the Log On To Windows dialog box. This enables you to log on to the Administrator account, which is not displayed on the Welcome screen when other user accounts have been created. To use Ctrl+Alt+Delete, you must enter the sequence twice to get the logon prompt"

have fun..... :eek:


Are you using XP Pro or XP Home? In Home edition you can log into the Administrator account only when booting into safe mode.
I'am using XP pro... but check this out... ok, my main user login is HellyHans and I checked it has administrator privilages.

Now when I boot in Safe mode.. I get Adminstrator user and my HellyHans... When I choose Admin I have to enter my Installation password, and when it boots... It's like when I just installed XP, like almost nothing on the desktop...

What's the diff between that Administrator login, and my HellyHans one with Administrator privilages... can I delete the other one?? Or what kind of privilages are you guys using for normal usage?? thx

Ohh and in CTRL PAN/USERS I dont see Admin.. I just see my HellyHans as admin and a guest account which is disabled.
To see my admin I have to go START,RUN control userpasswords2
Then I get to see it... neways. thx


Beware the G-Man
Political User
Each account will have it's own theme.

Whichever one you us, you tweek that theme the way you want. And if you used the Admin account more then that one would get tweaked.

Don't delete any of them. Keep them as is.

Rmember the Admin account is if you or the Administrator (if it was someone else) had to get into the OS and install, repair or whatever...

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