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Additional SATA ports via PCI cards - has naybody done this?


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Additional SATA ports via PCI cards - has anybody done this?

Currently I have RAID zero set up on my PC and because my only 2 on board SATA slots were taken with the new drives I need extra slots to allow a JBOD for extra storage.

I've just tried installing and additional 2 SATA ports to my PC using an Adaptec
1210SA SATA RAID controller

However despite a length session with tech support it would not work, seemingly it overrode the onboard RAID and would not allow either the RAID 0 volume already present to boot. The system would not work with the PCI raid card in even with the PCI cards raid bios disabled etc...

Now I wondering if anyone has had any success in adding extra SATA ports to their system. If so which product did you use and how hard was it? Did you already have SATA on the MOBO or were you adding from scratch?

I was probably overkilling my requirements as it seems the Adaptec 1205SA has all the functionality I need (no RAID) and thus may not cause conflicts. This is my next option.

All help very much appreciated :)


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Your problem is that it is a RAID card that you are putting in. If you can find a PCI card that holds SATA connectors and does not have a RAID chip on it, you will be good to go. Sounds like the one listed (1205SA) is your baby. Always avoid putting two RAID chipsets into one tower, it never works.


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