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adding WinXP to existing system

I presently have a dual-booting system with Win98 and Mandrake Linux. (using LILO) I have 2 hard drives and keep Win98 on the primary IDE with Linux on the secondary IDE.

I am interested in adding WinXP and would like to know the best way to set up the system properly and to allow booting into any OS. I understand that the correct order of installation is Win98, WinXP and then Linux?

Will it be possible to continue using LILO or will I have to use another boot-loader?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Alan
I would make a Linux boot disk, then install XP, then boot to Linux using the boot disk then fiddle with the Lilo config til you get the right settings, XP will automatically detect your Win98 installation but will ignore the Linux, I would wait for more confident backing of this prcoess from more experienced Linux users, i dont use it anymore it screwed my system one too many times.
I recommend the following, I know it stinks, but the best way in my opinion.

Wipe the hard drive clean that you want to install Linux, install windows XP, thenre-install Linux, use Linux lilo for your boot loader, back back-ups of all your stuff first.

I have two hard drives, one for Windows XP, one for Mandrake Linux, but fixing to get rid of Linux on this machine and only use it on my other one, too many problems, not worth having both on the same machine, but this is only my opinion, do know people that run both with no problems at all and swear by it.

Good Luck:D
Actually, I remember someone asking about LILO before, apparently with a few tweaks the XP Boot.ini can recog Linux installations, Search around the forums there will be something that will help you out.
Thanks for the advice. My instinct was to keep Linux and Win98/XP away from each other on the hard drive. Shame really as I like to mirror image a copy of the Win98 system onto another drive for security.


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