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Adding Programs to Autoplay menu



Is there anyway to add programs to the Autoplay menu. For example: can you add Nero as one of the options for inserting a Blank CD? If so how?


Please, backup your registry before doing this!!! It is not 100% bulletproof but as long as it's not a vital function, you can test it and change it back if it doesn't work as you expected...

All the handlers are in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\AutoplayHandlers

YOu must first change the handler for the type of event in the key EventHandlers, in your case the event is HandleCDBurningOnArrival. In that key, there's a String value with your current handler name. Change the string to your new one without adding data.
(see Image1.jpg in the zip)

After doing that, go in the Handlers key and create a sub-key named like the string name you just modified. See Image2.jpg and add the same value in your key. The most important values are InvokeProgID and InvokeVerb. InvokeProgID correspond to a key in your HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and point to the application you want to handle your blank cd. See Image3.jpg for an example. The InvokeVerb data must be set to "open" (without quotes) and correspond to one of the sub-key in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.

The other values in the handler key are what you will see (text and icon) in the autoplay box so you can write "ole ole" in all text fields if you want :D

Voila, enjoy!


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