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adding heatsink to aguidy

ok i was just looking in my pc while it was running and all and my sound card chip is very very hot. and i have noticed that after about 24hours of gaming the sound cuts in and out and goes wierd (lan partys) would adding a heatsink with acrilic allumina thermal adhesive( i already have some). would this maybe fix the problem or not??????


hardware monkey
"very very hot" sounds pretty hot. if you can't keep your finger on it for more than a second or two, it's probably too hot for it's own good. i'd say it's worth trying to put a heatsink on.
ok yea and it is to the point where u cant keep your finger on it for a second or 2, it just gets that hot. ok cool now to cut a cool looking one and maybe mount a 40mm led fan on it too LOL


hardware monkey
i'm sure a small passive heatsink is all hat's needed. but if you got the extra parts and are going for that modded look, go for it.

let us know if it fixed your problems. maybe take a pic or two as well.

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