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Added 2nd HD



I added a 2nd HD. It is identical to the original drive. Seagate 40 gig 7200 rpm. Have a DELL 1.8 with 256 RDRAM. OS is XP home. Can I make this setup work for 2 users, using different logon passwords?
You can add another user with
Start > Control Panel
then going to User Accounts
Click the option to add another user setup their Name and Password
You dont really need to add a 2nd HDD to add a second user. You can alter the settings of each user so that their My Documents are stored on the 2nd Disk in case of primary hard drive failure
Do you mean:

Can you use one drive for each user?

No. There is only one "Boot" HD in a system. Both user accounts will be on that drive.

You can move most of the user data storage to the second drive and install programs for just the second user to it.


Partition Magic ?

A supposed expert tells me I can use the "BOOT MAGIC" option on this program to accomplish what I need to do. Right or wrong ????


NTFS Stoner
XP has its own boot manager, if you put the cd in and boot from it, then install XP to the new hard drive, you will get a duel boot option.

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