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Add FPS on your Monitor with stickers!

i figure if you can throw a cool sticker on a rice rocket and it gains 25hp, i can surly increase my fps with a snazzy sticker..

weapon of choice: sticker from my friends local skate shop in arizona. its a picture of a broken skateboard, under it, the name of the shop "focus" i definitly see a difference.

this probably isnt a hardware forum post, *by the rules*, (but its a slow thursday)


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Originally posted by xsivforce
Well, if you wash and wax it, it will run better. :confused:

Oh, and moved to general. ;)
/me notes xsiv put one of em stickers on his own weiner to see if it would add anything...

/me still waiting to read the reports on weiner improvement in popular science magazine..

btw... I do believe he said he had washed it and waxed it as well... to make it 'run' better..


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