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Add a Folder to the Start Menu



Hmm... I asked this once before and never got an answer either yes or no. Is this a stumper?

QUESTION: At the top of each XP-erience forum page is an "Add a weblink to your start menu" tweak. How can I add a FOLDER here instead of a weblink? (Preferably opening menu-style, not just opening a new window.)

I want a quick "Favorite Games" folder on the main menu. If not a registry hack, are there any utility programs to do this? MORE than one folder too, if possible?

You can just drag the folder into the start menu but....it doesn't open up menu style. I have not found any tweaks that allow you to do this, I don't think you can.

I will look a little more later, Anyone else know something?



Not Sure if this what you want. But here is what I do.
1. open windows explorer
2. Select C: drive
3. go into documents and setting folder
4. open all users folder
5. open start menu
6. open programs folder
7. Right click New folder
8. Name it whatever you want
9. Then drag folders you want into this new folder
10. close Explorer
11. click start then all programs your new folder should appear
and be menu style just like any other folder there

I forgot This works for every version of windows since 98 I didn't try it on win 95.

Also this is how I keep my programs menu from taking up an entire screen. Especially Useful for Office 2000, ie one entry in programs list instead of 5 or more.

Hope this helps


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