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I'm a beginner in making active desktop. I need helps.

1. Where can I get scripts or links for Winamp 3 ?
2. What's the path to my internet connections ?
3. Can I insert mp3 into it ?

Finally, will it take a lot of resources ? Thank you. :happy:


My questions :

1. Besides in C:\Windows, will it works if I put the shortcut and .vbs file in a same folder of my choice ?
2. Can I see a demo of madmatt's calendar ?


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Winamp? Sorry, I don't support Winamp, so I don't have any scripts or plans to write any for it.

Internet Connections? Simply open your start menu, right click "Network Connections", choose Explore. When Windows Explorer opens, you will see "Internet Connections" at the top of the large viewing plane. Right click it, choose create shortcut. It will ask you if you want to place the shortcut on your desktop, choose yes. After doing so, cut/copy it to C:\WINDOWS.

As for resources, Active Desktop adds on to the amount of memory that explorer.exe consumes. Depending on what you are running from your desktop, it isn't much. Once you add more in depth items (such as WMP controls) it can take up more.

To change the path that the VBSCRIPT reads the .VBS file from, follow these steps:
- Right click My Computer
- Advanced tab
- Environmental Variables
- Find Path (in the list)
- Edit
- Add your path to the end (use a semicolon to seperate)

There is no demo of the calendar, however, the code can be downloaded from:

The tutorial will be updated some time over the next week.


Is this means that I can put all the shortcuts into a folder of my choice after changing the vbscript path ?


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Say you want to put your shortcuts and VBS files in C:\Active Desktop\Shortcuts

All you would do is add that path to the environmental variables as described above.

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