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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Annihilatus, May 25, 2003.

  1. Annihilatus

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    I recently registered Ad-Aware Plus to have a proactive guard against third-party tracking cookies.

    This morning, after using it for a day, it didn't block any tracking cookies at all. It did block ActiveX installations as I wanted, but most popups came through (it's supposed to block them) and only a small variety of banner ads were removed.

    Anybody have similar experiences?
  2. Enyo

    Enyo Moderator

    Have you posted this at LavaSoft's support forums. It will be the fastest way to get help on this.

    It should be able to do a better job than what your describing regarding tracking cookies. However much more can be done to block these.

    You may need to invest in a better Ad / Popup Blocker. Its not the best one!


    P.S you can still find the free version of the very popular Ad Shield in another post on this forum!
  3. Annihilatus

    Annihilatus Guest

    Alright thank you very much, I just checked out their forum and the exact same inquiry came up. Obviously, very helpful :)