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2 Dec 2001
Ad-aware is the award winning, multi-trackware detection and removal utility (designed for Windows 98 / 98SE / ME / NT40 / 2000 / XP Home / XP Pro) that will comprehensively scan your memory, registry, hard, removable and optical drives for known Datamining, aggressive advertising, Parasites, Scumware, Keyloggers, selected traditional Trojans, Dialers, Malware, Browser hijackers, and tracking components.

Ad-aware will provide you with the confidence to surf the Internet knowing that your privacy will remain intact. I have used the standard version of Ad-aware 5.x for quite a while and was always happy with its performance... nothing like the thrill of removing Gator, when it slips on with the occasional application. I am not too worried about the cookies I collect as I regularly clear both my cache and history. Since Windows XP was released, the paranoia over spy-ware and ad-ware has increased dramatically. The install is, as always the case these days, painless, you get the option of installing a German language pack and the program manual - and that is it. Ad-aware is installed. The link to the Release Notes that it added to the start menu was not installed correctly though, but rather than demand a refund I looked up the file manually only to discover that it did not in fact exist. Oops.


The manual more than makes up for it, as it includes the complete changelog (as well as any answers to problems you may encounter while using the application):
  • Leading anti data-mining utility, features the best maintained and updated target base
  • Targets hundreds of systems and thousands of variations
  • All new, vastly improved, in-depth scanning engine
  • Includes an Advanced process browser full supporting installed extensions, linked to the in-depth scan engine
  • Fully customizable automated scanning modes
  • Webupdate module now fully integrated into the Ad-aware interface
  • Entirely new, highly improved user interface
  • All new plug-in concept allows for powerful expandability and updating without the need to download a new core-application
  • Automatic quarantine (backup) function capability
  • Enhanced logging capabilities
  • Powerful tweaking options allows tweaking all aspects of Ad-aware
  • Extended in-depth registry scans
  • Exporting and printing of HTML reports
  • Powerful command line options, to load config scripts and reference files from, and send logfiles to remote drives
  • Blocks Browser hijacker attempts, Active-X installations, IE save attempts, and unauthorized auto start entries
  • Includes a Popup stopper with customizable black-list
  • Smart process-blocking, including filter lists
  • Enhanced menus providing many more options.
  • Plus many other enhancements!
Ok, enough of this, lets run it!


The main screen loads and as you can see it now looks ALOT slicker than 5.x, first thing I decided to do was to see if an updated reference file had been released.


Lo and behold one had so once again...


...Without any stress, I downloaded it.


The new interface also has options to add plug-ins, though I doubt at this early stage that there is one available. Having only ever used the standard version of 5.x, I am unaware what Ad-watch will do, but I guess it will remove cookies that it instantly recognises as spy-ware and keep an eye on what processes are running (such as Gain) and instantly disabling them. I am itching to scan, so lets see what happens.


After clicking I am taken to the following screen, customising the scan allows you to toggle whether you want non-executables missed, archive scanning as well as the various registry scans. There is also the option to run either Ad-aware or Ad-watch at start up, other automation settings as well as an Expert tab (will miss that for now being the newbie that I am)


With the scan complete in a fraction of the time that 5.0x used to take, I discover that my system has 9 various pieces of recognised spy-ware of ad-ware on it, my system was clean... I used Ad-aware 5.83 this very morning to remove any spy-ware!


Something was trying to take over my browser. But not today, as I am now safely protected with Ad-aware 6.0 Plus, if your paranoid then you need this program, if your not paranoid then feel more secure anyway.

Visit: Lavasoft for more information & to purchase the Plus or Professional versions of Ad-aware 6. A free version is also available so anyone can feel secure.

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