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Active Desktop Website


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That is some sweet stuff. That is going to be really usefull. I have been waiting for a site for this stuff. Thanks
Oh but I did notice a type on the home page.
"Top keep it simple, an Active Desktop is a local website presented on your Windows Desktop, which can start (launch) program files."
Should be "To keep it simple,.............


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Nice - I want to use AD for one thing (and one only) which is to get a web page displayed for my wallpaper (four actually as I use virtual desktops from PowerToys)....

I had this working once, albeit in a window not the whole wallpaper - but no more.

Not asking you for an answer really, that would be even more OT, but to come to my poin tI am just wondering if that site is going to have a forum added? If it did I could ask my question there!

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I use Active Desktop on a plasma here at work for 2 ip cameras, whats up gold and spotlight on windows...

The site isn't loading for me at the moment, but will check it out, have some quirks with AD such as meta blend refresh not working, would love to find alternative code.etc.

Works now ;)
Electronic Punk said:

And of course, that is the first active desktop tutorial by Madmatt, got XP-erience published in several magazines which was just awesome.
i know that tutorial... cause i started AD cause of that... but unfortunatly he never continued to take the AD to the next level....would have loved to get more info from madmatt, new scripts, new stuff to add.... well, now we started that place, and hopefully people will help to get more active deskops or plugins for an AD....

a simple guestbook will be added soon, im also planning on a forum...
ok, frederic has just finished the great xml-tutroials for an active desktop. check out the english section, he did an fantastic job writing those tutorials... also some more downloads are available...

for now, if u have any problems with your active desktop, questions and so on, use this thread here. i plan to add a forum in the future, but for now i don't have much time... i will check this thread here regulary...



still... http://www.active-desktop.net

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