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Active Desktop Transparency


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I seen somebodys desktop have the google search and the calender on there desktop, the backgrounds to them were transparent. I know this because it was a wallpaper not just a color! I would like to know how to do this!?

Here is what im working on..my google trying to be transparent??!
Basically, you're going to have to create a webpage with your wallpaper as the background, and integrate the google search code into that same page rather than loading a new Google search page with active desktop.

Same with the calendar.js file and code.


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that works, but i have the wallpaper as the wallpaper and wallpaper for the google thing too. So i have 2 that dont go together! Im not sure, im confused with this whole Active Desktop thing.
What I meant to say was, have only one HTML file for your entire active dtop.
Set the background for that file as your wallpaper, and integrate the code for the Google search and the calendar into that same file.

HINT: Using layers makes it easy to move stuff around ;)


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That makes more sense to me, i know what you mean to do. Im kinda new at Active Desktop and i dont know how to make layers in this sort of situation!?

Some help?
Basically, I hard-coded everything in Notepad first ... picking up Matt's code, modifying it as needed, and adding stuff.

Then I fired up Dreamweaver, created layers in it, and put my Google search, QuickNotes, calendar, and application launcher all in separate layers.

Now I can move them around as needed :happy:


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Thanks, i thought about it and i desided that untill i know everything i want and have the scripts done.ect Im leaving it normal, nice and simple!


Mmm...let me guess...you hate Neowin and you hate Mac clones. Anything else, Madmatt? ;) :D

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