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activating windows xp home

ok i just did a repair install of xp home and it is now asking me to acitvate the system. but there is no network card driver in there and i dont want to call them, is there something that can give me a little more time? a hack or something that will delay the activation untill i have nic drivers? and the trick is that i cant boot into the windows without trying to activate. anyone got any ideas?
when we did a repair re install the date was wrong and the tech here corrected it. so i got no time at all now. anyone got any ideas, and safe mode is out


- geek -
If all you need is a driver why not just download it with the system your posting with and put on cd or something and install it?
Answering your original question:

In spite of all the crap you may see there is NO hack or anything for XP Home or XP PRO. Only the XP Corp can be used activation free.

Call them or get a NIC card up and running.

Or you could reinstall windows every 30 days...


- geek -
If you really can't get a NIC going just call. They use a fully automated system thats fairly easy to navigate and you'll have it over and done with in like 10mins. :)


Just call em, if it's legit the Bobbies won't come to your house or office I promise you.

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