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Accessing My Docs Folder from different computer?

My older winxp desktop decided to start restarting everytime it tried to boot up just as the XP logo was loading on the screen.

I took out the HD and made it a slave on my newer XP machine and copied all my files over. Only problem is, I cannot access anything in the My Documents folder from the older computer to copy them too. The older system had a password to log into xp and wont let me copy files from it onto my new computer saying I dont have privledged to access it or something like that.

Anyhow, since my older system won't boot up for me to remove the password login, is there anyway I can get access to those files from my new computer?


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create an account with the same name that you had on your old pc, use the same password. you might be able to trick xp into letting you in. either that, or i would boot into safe mode, and using the administrator account, you should be able to access it.
thanks for the advice, I tried creating an administrator account on my new system with the same password and even icon.

Still won't let me access the personal my docs folder from my old drive, still saying that I dont have access.

In your other suggestion about booting into safe mode, were you referring to me trying this with my new system? or putting the old drive back into the old system and trying it?

Before I ever removed my old drive from the old system, I tried booting into safemode but it never made it through the windows load screen same as any other time.

Have no idea what the problem is, just turned it off one night and next morning it wouldn't load past XP screen. I get a very fleeting blue screen right before it reboots but have no idea what it might say.

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