Access 2000 mdb to Access 2003/7


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29 Aug 2002
I have a feeling this is something of a long shot, but here goes....

A recent charity assignment sent me to maintaining some Access 2000 reports (I did not write the database application)... Well I spent a morning and realised I need to tinker extensively.

So it seems to make sense to me that I just copy the .mdb files, one for the data and one for the table structure and macros etc that make the database app.

But then I get home and try it out and it asks for the database filepath (understandably) and when I point it to the .mdb files it says not a valid file and although I can get to see the data I cannot get the application with the reports and input buttons etc.

I do not have access (sic) to ACCESS 2000 at home, I have an XP box with ACCESS 2003 and a Vista one with ACCESS 20007.

Does anyone know of anything I can do to get this to work? Or am I doomed to have to return on site and do the job there?

[EDIT] or is there a format or method of saving I can ask them to employ and resend me the information so that it will successfully be useable in 2003/7? [/EDIT]
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Can you not just tell 2003 to open it as a 2000 format file or import it?
no there does not seem to be an option to do that - but I have since found my oldest rig is running Access 2000 - so I am attempting to go from there as of today

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