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Abnormal heat with 2200XP



Hello people I'm turning to you since Epox wont answer my distress calls.
I just bought an 2200XP to put in my Epox 8k3a+ and thats when the trouble started. With the first fan (Volcano 7) the temp started at 64c... That scared me somewhat so I returned th CPU and fan to the store for them to test it on another m.board (not Epox ) and guess what, it worked like it was supposed to. Anyway I upgraded the fan to a Volcano 7+. Well now it starts at 94c!!! I have the latest BIOS from Epox. I tried the new fan with my old CPU (Athlon 1400) no probs at all. So untill I find a solution on what to do, my new shiny 2200 is just a dust collector.
Hope anyone can help me.


I built it. I did try the CPU and FAN on another computer at the store with the result: It worked as it should, no problems with heat. Sorry, if thermal grease is the cooling goo you put between the CPU and heatsink yes. (I'm Swedish dont know every English word yet =) ) I now use the 1400 with the new fan on the same m.board epox 8k3a+ and have no probs at all. I dont know if it could be some sort of conflict that makes it show this strang temp...


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sorry dumb question to ask... but does your board support the cpu ?

if you are using the volcano 7+ and have not set it to medium or high... do so.. and the temp will drop..

I am running my 1900+ at 2100+ rating and my temp on load is 42c...


Yes it supports 2600xp since the latest BIOS. I had the fan at full speed. The strange part is it started at 94c on bootup. I have a feeling it's some sort of conflict. I dont know...


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I don't know.. if everything is conneted right and if the fan is sitting proper it SHOULD work proper too... make sure you don';t put too much thermal grease as this prevents heat transfer to a degree...

I dunno..

if it worked elsewhere.. it should work with you...

what about bios settings?


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Check the CPU Voltages and such in the BIOS.

Does your MoBo automatically adjust all settings for the CPU or do you have to set jumpers and voltage settings?

Take it back to the Store and have them test it on a Epox 8k3a+ MoBo such as your own.

If all works well at the store, ask them to write down all BIOS settings for you to follow at home on your MoBo.

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