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Abit or Asus Nforce 2?



Hey guys
I own an Asus a7n8x (non deluxe) with the latest standard
bios (1002.A). Now there are uber bioses, vdd mods, NB and SB
cooler changes and such, all to do something very simple, to hit 200fsb without any problems.
I recently read about the Abit NF2 board. This is the nforce 2
of them if i'm correct. The thing is, that the 1.2 rev of this board
supposedly reaches 200fsb without doing all/any of the above mentioned. Is this true? Could i reach 200fsb if i have 3200 memory (dual channel) and a 1700+ 0307 cpu? I want to go to 2200mhz max. And what about the Bios of Abit? with asus you can easily do it in windows, while with Abit you have to do the stupid floppy way. And it seems to be less safe too, since you now have the option at excaliber pc to order a bios saver with it, and they even mention that the bios might mess up easily. Now what would you guys do, which board, and what are the answers to those questions?
And finally this:
On the Abit site, the NF7 does not have the 5-bits FID Override technology (frequency ID) feature that the NF7-S and NF7-M have. Is this true? must i spend more money to get the M version just for that feature because the standard NF7 doesn't have it? And what exactly does it do?

Ok i know these are a lot of questions but i would really appreciate
any help.

Thx in advance

Yngwie II


hardware monkey
i recently got the NF7 (base) for a future project. i played with it for a few days and it seems alright. i can't say anything for it's overclockability since i was running my ancient tbird in it.

i was somewhat confused about the 5-bit FID deal when i ordered it and realized since then that it's supposed to unlock the multiplier, correct? i can't say if it's true or not since i have unlocked my tbird anyway.

basically i can't add anything to this thread. :p except that i've had mixed results with the eax capabilities of my NF7. it seems to work with counter-strike but not any other games. don't know if this is a driver issue or what. kinda wish i got the NF7-S.


what revision do you have of the NF7 and what bios?

Too bad to hear about the trouble. But excaliber PC said that
the 5bit feature is on ALL NF7 boards, weird but great.
Originally posted by taurus
did your board unlock the multiplier, or did you have to do it yourself?
OK I think you are talkin about CPU and Mem fsb in which case, it was the standard option. AMD 2600+ 333fsb and PC2700 DDR in Dual Channel slots


I'm trying
Donot REPEAT donot start modding your bios with the asus or
for that matter any nvidia2 mobo.
Unless you have an extra bois chip or bios saver.
I made this mistake and I am now sitting with a dead mobo.
There are serious issues with the bios and batteries for these mobo.
My prevoius post "have I fried it" has one link.
But if you search different nvidia and amd boards you will find this is a very hot topic.
Again be very, very careful when modifying the bios on any nvidia2 board especially above 199 mhz fsb.

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