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abit kt7e and nic card



i have a abit kt7e mobo and a netgear fa311 nic card. i can't get the nic card to install properly. the board has 6 pci slots and single isa and agp slot. the only pci cards i have is a game theater xp. the agp slot has a g4 ti 4200 in it(made by abit). i have tryed every slot, tryed turning the serial ports off to free irqs, and also pnp os in the bios... nothing... it keeps installing the drivers, and saying windows can't install the card. i checked in the hardware manager, adn it says the resources for the nic card are taken up by the acpi and motherboard resource controller.
anybody got any idea how to get this to work? i have tryed in windows 98 and no luck.


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So yer tryin to install in Win 98 ???
Not XP ???

If so, install XP, if that's what yer gonna do and let XP install it's own native drivers for the NIC. Put it in after you install XP.

You can also go to the MicroSquish web site and look up if that card is compatable with XP.
It might not be compatable with Win 98. :)


it worked fine with an asus a7v133 in both windows 98 and windows xp. i swapped motherboards adn got a abit, and it won't complete installing in 98. i get an error that says 1f6...
now i'm not trying to piss people off in this forum by not using windows xp, but if it can't install in windows 98, it ain't gona work in xp... the drivers aren't the problem, its the irq and resources on the board...
i was hoping on getting an ex-perienced persons atention that might be able to help, more of a hardware problem then a os related issue.


FA311 NetGear Problems

Get a different NIC. The FA311 cards are among the most problem oriented NIC's in the industry! They are practically giving them away at Best Buy. I saw them there for $4.97 U.S. Dollars about 2 weeks ago. There are numerous sites which address the problem(s) of the FA311. Whenever I see a FA311 in a customer of mines computer I usually just have them switch it out to one with a Realtek 8139 chipset or one with a 3Com chipset. There more specific answers to your question at Microsofts Knowledge Database. However, rest assured the problem is far more likely to be the FA311 than something you have done.

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i also used a diffrent one, and it happened exactly the same way... i'm just gona get a ecs k7s5a, better speed then the kt133 and all my other computers use sis chipsets, and they've lasted longer and work better(no crashes), so, i think i'm gona give up on via and stay with nvidia and sis...
works for my girl friend, but both via based boards i own are ****...


More info about FA311 & KT7

I thought about your problem some more. I still say use a different NIC than the FA311, however you should also put nothing in PCI slot 5 of the Abit board that requires its own IRQ. This is detailed (I believe) in the KT7 book that came with the motherboard. Also their is a very good site with tons of info on Abit boards of all types & VIA chipsets at www.viahardware.com. There is a FAQ section that is great and will probably help you to get the most out of your ABIT motherboard. I would also run the newest VIA drivers (I believe the 4.40 drivers have been released, at least in beta). Also in Win98 it sometimes helps in this type of situation to go to the device manager and turn off PCI steering as it can cause a network card (and other devices) to work improperly. You did not say which different NIC you used. If it was another Netgear I would certainly try another brand. I do an extensive amount of network support and I usually prefer Realtek or 3Com. I use Realtek in both of my systems, they cost less and work just as well as the 3Com's do. Once again, be sure to check which slot you have your NIC in, this is very important on your board. FYI Windows XP has much fewer IRQ issues than you are likely to encounter with Win98. Best of luck to you.


i have a dlink 530+ that i tryed and no luck, still says 1f6 error. and i can't go to windows xp, my hard drive looks like a checkers board with bad sectors on it in scandisk... so, i'll get a new one... the system is really stable, as long as i don't install a nic card and fool with the irqs... which is a problem cause i'm getting comcast cable....

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