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A7V8X-X underclock


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
For reasons apparent here I am attempting to underclock my AMD XP3000+... I moved the jumper that the mobo manual says should allow this, but BIOS still does not permt lower Vcore, although documentation says 1.5 should be dooable.

Now Sazar kindly explained I can monkey with my FSB to achieve this which makes sense.... I have done this and yet am not really sein gmuch change in CPU temps! ASUS probe also shows the voltage remaining at 1.68, is this right? I assume it is, but had thought maybe changing FSB caused voltage change.

Lastly I was being a bit ad-lib and did not make notes of my bios settings etc... :eek: Anyway - currently system info for my machine shows my XP3000+ as clocking 1.33 GHz - methinks I have overdone things! :rolleyes: I would have thought at that humble clock temp would drop (measuring with folding driving CPU to 80% BTW).

What gives? And anyone care to give me suitable numbers to reset the system if underclocking is just shooting myself in the foot here.....


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
OK clocked it back to 2.24GHz today - in fact it was having trouble booting on the lowered setting - think I'll give up the underclock anyway. Still fail to understand why my temp. readout stayed pretty much constant - also from other forums have been told my case reading highly suspect (have to agree, if it was 45oC in there I would SURELY have a hot case to the touch outside!).

So general conclussion - temp readouts are fubar except for "relative" readings, IE only useful for the safety cutouts really....

still - was good for a laugh in the chat room (some people thought I had lost my sanity with that underclock!)
Your case temp is not the "case temp" it is a sensor on the MB somewhere. A high case temp with an ok CPU temp indicates that either:

1) Your case temp sensor is FUBAR (mine is on this crappy ecs board)
2) you have bad airflow (poor case design, no intake and outlet fan, too many cables and drives, etc.)

If the CPU is good don't sweat the case temp. unless your video card isshowing artifacts.

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