A7V133- Raid Problem



Hi all,

I'm now running XP Home with the following config:

(VIA 4in1 4.37a installed, but i guess that doesn't matter as it's not properly installed as a news update pointed out in this site recently)
GeForce2 MX400 (Latest driver installed)
1.2GHz Althon
SB Live
Two IBM 40G 7200rpm harddisks

I have set up RAID 0 using the onboard Promise controller. My problem is I get an error message on bootup saying the Promise Filter Driver I have is costing the system stability and is therefore disabled. I have no idea why it is the case, since I have got the latest driver from Promise's web site and installed in properly. Anyone has encountered the same problem? Solution?

I have checked the Device Manager and find the driver is still working. It's really a mystery. I don't know if this has to do with the Bootvis problem I have. Bootvis gives me a disk error message on first trace. Again, anyone has the same experience?

Occassionally, I may experience system locks up on bootup (the desktop appears then loading funnel keeps turning with nothing shows up in the system tray and the START button is not functioning, too). I will do a hard reset and everything is back in order. Anyone has any idea what's going on? Many many thanks to you all!!!

I'm not going to get another mobo with VIA chipsets, that's for sure.
Have you been to your m/b's site and looked for a new bios? This issue may be addressed in it.

I have an onboard raid controller too (Kt7-Raid m/b) and when i flash my bios it's actually flashing two eproms - my main system bios, and the bios for the Hpt370 Raid Controller. There may be a problem between your raid bios and the raid driver. It's worth a look.
Thanks for the information, Lonman.
I have already upgraded to the latest bios. Any clue?

Thanks again
What motherboard are you using?

What version are you RAID drivers?

Are your RAID controllers Highpoint?

What is your BIOS version?

If you have Highpoint RAID controllers, then your system bios must have the proper highpoint bios. the highpoint bios and the drivers must be for the same version. (for example, system bios version 64 with highpoint bios version 1203 and highpoint drivers are 1203. This is for abit kt7a-133 raid)
Hi ZipTriX, thanks for taking the time.

I'm using ASUS A7V-133 (Apollo KT133A chipset). The onboard RAID controller is Promise. My mobo bios version is 1007, and the Promise bios is v1.31 (build 22).
You can go to the promise site http://support.promise.com/ and try a newer driver for your card. Hopefully that will help. You'll need to get the right driver for your raid controller card. You should be able to find out exactly which promise controller you have from your m/b manual.

If that doesn't help let us know and we'll try to get you set-up with a modified bios that will allow you to get the very newest bios into your controller (both Ziptrix and myself used modified bios's this way).

Remember though, you won't be able to use the bios's from the Promise site because your controller's bios needs to be flashed in conjunction with your m/b's.

I just did a search for your motherboard and found a really good Q&A and forum site for you:


It also has a newer bios available (1008) ;) . This site really looks promising... good luck.
Originally posted by Crescent
Hi ZipTriX, thanks for taking the time.

I'm using ASUS A7V-133 (Apollo KT133A chipset). The onboard RAID controller is Promise. My mobo bios version is 1007, and the Promise bios is v1.31 (build 22).

Uh is it the A7V-133 or the 133A?
Thanks so much for you both, Lonman and ZipTriX.

I'm using the latest driver. I find they indeed mention my problem:

Incompatible Promise Filter Driver message when installing Windows XP

When installing Windows XP you may receive a message that says "The version of the Promise filter driver you have is not compatible with Windows XP", and refers you to the Promise website for an updated driver.

The filter driver that is referred to in the message is not necessary for the FastTrak to operate at full functionality under Windows XP, consequently there is no filter driver update for Windows XP. You may disregard this message and continue the Windows XP installation as normal as this will not affect functionality of the FastTrak.

The only difference is Windows XP keeps asking for a stable Filter Driver after the installation. In fact, during installation, it wouldn't accept the Promise XP driver at all. It will give me the ugly BSOD. So I had to resort to Promise Win2000 driver. So weird. What's that filter driver does? I seem to have no particular problem with my harddisk, except can't get Bootvis to work.


It's A7V-133 not 133A.

Microsoft and VIA owes you guys big time. If there're not people like you guys helping out in so many forums, I can't imagine how newbies like me can solve all those annoying problems. Everytime I get a piece of new hardware or software, I have to locate a relevant forum and that, more often than not, is not the official forum :)
What's that filter driver does?
I really don't know. If you find out let us know though.

You're welcome for the help... my learning curve really took a jump coming to these forums, and it's very satisfying helping people resolve these issues.

Is all ok in your pute now? I mean besides that message (just keep an eye out for new drivers... they'll fix it soon i'm sure)?
I can't get bootvis to work either. I think it has to do with my highpoint drivers. oh well get a drink during bootup and comeback to well ready computer. lol

glad to have help. good luck with the rest.

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