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A7n8x & Video prob

Loco Kano

OSNN One Post Wonder
Ok here’s the deal, I am getting no video signal to my monitor. I have checked the monitor with my laptop and it works fine. So my first though was video card, I took the AGP out and through an old PCI card in I had lying around. I cleared CMOS and powered her up, still nothing! The funny thing is No BIOS beeps at all. So I do the normal trouble-shooting and unhook all drives, remove all other PCI’s, and narrow it down to the video/MB/Ram/Proc. I switch out the ram, still nothing. Everything powers up but no signal at all using either video card. My keyboards lights are coming on with POST and when I took the ram out I was getting a “RAM NOT INSTALLED ERROR” (the A7N8X has an audio error). So I am guessing the CPU is working if it’s going through POST. So its looking like I need to replace my motherboard, but before I do I would like to see what you guys think.

Thanks in advance,

Loco Kano


A7N8X- Deluxe Ver. 1.8

AMD - 2200

Rad 9500 128megs 8

2xMator 80 Gigs 7200 IDE

2x512 Crucial 2100

Yes, the CPU, RAM, MB Chipset all appear to be good based on your results.

Before you toss the MB:

1) Make sure the 9500 Pro "direct from the power supply" power connector is connected and is good.

2) When trying the PCI Graphics card the Bios must be set up to recognize it. PCI graphics or VGA graphics may be disabled. Unfortunatley, with no video you can't be sure.

3) If you are overclocking and can go back to defaults do that. You may get a partial post with an excessive overclock setting but you may not make itr all the way to getting video up.

4) Lift the MB out of the case and look for anything shorting pins on the bottom. Plug up the ram, cpu, mb and vid card out of the case and try it again. Look intot he AGP socket to see if there is any debris in it.
that particular board is known for blowing the bios chip, especially when attempting to overclock of changing too many bios settings at once. If you are getting through the post though, that does tend to rule out the MB. Just in case though, unplug the Power supply, (don't just turn it off) clear the CMOS, pull the battery, and leave it like that for 15 minutes.

Once you have done that, put everything back together. Before powering up, press and hold down the insert key on the keyboard and keep it held down while powering up. This should boot you up with default/safe settings in the bios.

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