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Howdy all

Well last week I passed the mock a+ exam in Voc which means I get my real exam paid for.

Also I guess if I go to MCC or Baker college it will save me like $800 all together. Thing is MCC and Baker are the local colleges and they arent that great.

The teacher said this exam was to scare you to study for the real thing but the real thing isn't as hard.

He told me I had to memorize the error codes

Like printer errors are 900-999

I was like do you even know them all and he was like well no but you have to. I am like have you ever memorized them and he said no. So I was like wtf?

Anyway...he is a dumbass and he shouldn't be teaching that class if I have to show him how to hook up his camera to his computer and build his home computer for him.

So yeah...how hard is the a+ exam?


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Vanquished said:
Good luck or congratulations :)
I remember, this is the one whos computer got stolen?
Yeah the one I built but someone brought it back for the person whole stole it.

Seemed kinda fishy when he told me that cause why would someone bring the stolen computer in for someone.

1. I would be worried people would think it was me that stole it

2. I would of told on the person who did it if I didn't like them. Actually the whole class should of seen him take it. I mean it is a big ol white computer :laugh:

Anyway...thanks :)


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I took them back to back, hardware and software that is. I didn't think they were too hard, just very particular.


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kcnychief said:
I took them back to back, hardware and software that is. I didn't think they were too hard, just very particular.

Some of the questions are pointless I think

O well

I just gotta study I guess to make sure I pass lol

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