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A weird problem or is it ???


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Hi all again.
I must be mad i had my belkin router exchanged for a newer model f5d5231-4 4 port belkin router.
Now i was running bulletproof ftp before i had the router with no problems.Since ive installed the router , my friends cannot access my ftp site. Now ive opened port 21 in the virtual server page of my belkin router. Also forward port 2000-2010 tcp to aid my bulletproof ftp.tryed putting my bulletproof programm in passive mode , still nothing also i still cannot host black hawk down on the same port from earlier in post.
Im running WinXP SP2. im very confused.
can anyone help or does this router go out the window.

P.S i have 1.5meg broadband with blueyonder.with a webstar modem


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No firewall not on , definately turned off.My friends pc seems to connect using ws_ftp but get a error saying no list available. Also sometimes cannot connect at all. Ive opened port 20 and 21 for ftp but still nothing.
In bulletproof ftp i checked passive mode and entered my wan i.p. and in passive range set the range same as router.


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Thanks howling wolf tryed that. Ok I ran bulletproof ftp on port 21 same as i setup in the router. I went to http://www.grc.com and check to see if the port was opening and it was.It seems to be a problem from the router connecting it to my bulletproof ftp. If i close bulletproof ftp then the port 21 closes, so there talking in that sense. :confused:


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Are you also behind a router Howling wolf? Surely not a belkin F5D5231-4 Router :eek:
Still cant host my ftp i'll have to scroll round google for a bit. :D

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
No, I'm only behind a software firewall, Sygate's Personnal Firewall Pro 5.5.2577, no need for a router until now, sorry...
i use serv-u and have to open ports 50000-50100 for passive mode on my router. are you sure you have the correct port range for passive? just a thought.
All that needs doing is opening port 21 and the passive range (2000-2100 or 50000-50100 or whatever) and specifying this in the server as well. You'll probably need to type in your external IP so the server can use this for passive connections (and yes, you should use passive). If you have dynamic ip from your ISP, get a dynamic dns accound (no-ip.com or alike) and type that in instead of the IP.

If this is done correctly it should work. What error do your friends get btw? Don't they get in at all or can't they list folders?

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